Sara & Megan

Today I met up with sisters Sara and Megan. Even though it was pretty cold out Megan was a trooper and we were able to get some great shots. We went down by the Tacoma glass museum and there is some pretty awesome stuff to see down there. I really hope to do some more work down there because its pretty amazing.

Ashley, Jesse & Brady!!!

Last Saturday I met up with Jesse and Ashley to take some more pictures of little Brady and to get some of their family. They are such a cute family and where we took the pictures is the same place that Jesse got christened when he was a little guy.

Destiny...Round 2!

This is the 2nd session with Destiny and she quite the little pro in front of the camera. This time we headed down to DeCoursey Park and the colors were so vibrant which was perfect for this time of year. Stay tuned because I am sure you will see more of her in the future!