Kinsley 6 month

I love my job so much because it allows me to meet so many different families. This session was truly a blast at my favorite location, the old barn. Kinsley is 6 months and her older sister Karoline is 14. They are so pretty far apart in age but have an AMAZING bond. You can tell that Kinsley just adores her big sister. And they are both adorable!

Marla Maternity!

I haven't done a lot of Maternity Sessions yet but they are a lot of fun. Zephee the dog is the little lady of the family right now but another little bundle is on its way very shortly. Such a fun family and congrats!

Rylee and Logan turn 1!!!!

Oh my gosh where has the past year gone? I have been taking these kids' pictures since they were newborn and now there first birthday is coming up next month.  My favorite part of is watching them interact with each other. The second part of their session was a blast when they got to dig into giant cupcakes. This is a new package I am offering for birthday parties. You get a regular one year session, a smash cake session, a giant cupcake to smash and invitations to match your party theme. Please contact me if you are interested in something like this!

Bradley Class of 2011

Congrats Bradley I can't believe I have known you and your family for 12 years, boy does time fly :)

Travis Class of 2011 Part 2

I did the first half of Travis' senior session back in March but now that the weather is nice he wanted to do some with his truck. This session make me feel really old because I have known Travis since he was a newborn! Man do kids grow up fast.

Mason 2 Months Old

Not to long ago this little guy was on my blog for his newborn session. I can't believe he is already two months old. So cute and the most amazing blue eyes ever.  Keep an eye out because I am sure you will see him again!

Cortney Class of 2011

This seriously had to be one of my funnest sessions ever. The relationship between Cortney and her Mom was so much fun and I laughed the entire time. I love the outcome from this session Cortney is just stunning!

Trevor Class of 2011

I just happened to be at the right place at the right time when I scheduled this session. I went into the bank to open an account and Trevor's mom was my banker. We got to talking and turns out she worked with my mother in law years ago. I drove out to Mineral on a rainy Saturday afternoon for Trevor's session and like a lot of my sessions the rain held off until about 3 seconds after we were done. Trevor has such high goals and aspirations, he hopes to become a lawyer one day!

The Olson Family

I have known the Olson family for a few years now and I had a blast doing their session. Tom works with my husband and our son's birthdays are only 3 days apart. There little girl Alejandra is getting baptized and the wanted some pictures in here beautiful dress straight from Peru. Rosie is from Peru and it was really neat to see the dress that came from her mom's home country!